Say NO to Killer Litter!

By : Brenda Tan
10 June 2014

It may have rained flowers and even moths in recent months during the dry spell, but we definitely do not want our HDB estates to rain killer litter.

With the majority living in HDB flats, there’s always room for another reminder on why it is important to keep our environment safe and how we can play our part to ensure the well-being and safety of those we hold dear.

So how can we protect our safe havens?

Here are some basic guidelines:

1. Place No Barriers

Potted plants, all nicely lined up

The corridors are meant for easy access, and while we may love our plants and other objects, do not clutter these walkways. If you have potted plants, arrange them neatly, say, against a wall or tucked away in a corner where they will not be an obstruction or a safety threat to neighbours and passers-by.

For the same safety considerations, never ever place your pots or other objects on the window ledges and parapet walls either. Also, do not hang anything above the parapet or balcony walls. The window ledges and parapet walls are to be kept clear.

These will pose a safety threat should they drop to the ground!

2. Beware That Strong Gust of Wind

Bamboo poles should only be used for their original intent, ie for drying your laundry. And do not improvise by ‘criss-cross’ing the poles, balancing items on the holders, or hanging/tying objects (eg. shopping trolleys, cooking woks etc) from them. Although these may be inventive ways to maximise your drying space, these ‘methods’ are unsafe practices.

Here’s how the unofficial ‘flags’ of HDB blocks should be hung out…

… not this way!

3. A Ton of Bricks or …

Releasing an average water balloon weighing about 200g from a height of approximately 10 storeys creates a force of about 5174N on impact. This is equivalent to 527kg!

So, something as “light” as a water balloon can have as devastating an impact as a ton of bricks.

Why are we telling you this? That’s to show the full force of the impact of a flying object hurtling down below. Even if the object doesn’t hit anyone, it creates a dangerous and unpleasant living environment. So, before you carelessly toss that empty can of drink out your window or balcony, think of our water balloon. Besides, light or otherwise, litter is to go down the rubbish chute, bagged

4. Keeping An Eye Out

Everyone plays a part in keeping our living environment safe. Do alert your Town Council when you spot potential killer litter in your estates so that these can be nipped in the bud before they cause real harm!

These preventive and proactive measures against killer litter are not difficult to practise, so let’s all do our part to maintain a safe and secure environment. Know of any other ways to ‘Say No to Killer’? Do drop us a comment on our Facebook page!





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