Home Truths about Vinegar

By : Charlyn Ong
14 July 2015

Vinegar, despite its pungent odour and sour taste, is one of the essential items in the home kitchen. Besides using it as an ingredient for salad dressing or pickles, vinegar with its makeup of acetic acid, doubles up as an environmental-friendly cleaning agent.


I have found some uses that make vinegar extremely useful around the house!


1. Remove Dirt from your Computer and Peripherals

If you have the same problem as me trying to get rid of perpetual dust and stubborn dirt on the computer, printer, and other peripherals, here’s a way to get rid of them. Mix an equal ratio of white vinegar and water in a container, dampen a clean cloth with the solution and start cleaning. For any tight spaces such as those around the keys of your keyboard, dip a cotton bud in the solution.

Important: Remember to switch off all your equipment before you start cleaning.


2. Freshen up your Refrigerator

After cleaning your computer, don’t throw the vinegar solution away. Dampen a cloth with the solution, and wipe off the dirt and stains on the interior and exterior of your refrigerator. It is as simple as changing your cleaning solution without changing your cleaning routine!


3. Shine your Mirrors

Want your mirrors to shine? Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with about three litres of water to make your own glass cleaner. For extra shine, I clean mirrors with crumpled pieces of newspaper so that it doesn’t leave any markings behind.

Tip: Dampen a microfiber cloth with this solution to wipe off greasy fingerprints on your smartphone screen.


4. Remove Adhesive Labels

If you have difficulty removing the sticky glue and paper residue from price tags stuck on your purchases, try this. Dampen a cotton bud or cotton wool (if it’s a big price tag) with white vinegar, and place it on top of the adhesive label for three to five minutes. When you wipe off the tag, it will come off easily, and so will the residue.


5. Prevent Clogged Sinks

Regardless of light- or heavy- duty sink usage, here is one way to prevent the sink from clogging (plumber, plumber, go away!) Mix about 3.5 litres of boiling water, a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar, then pour it down the sink hole.

Tip: Clearing out the pipes annually is recommended even if they are working fine.


6. Deodorise Plastic Containers

Have headaches with those lingering food stains and smells in plastic containers? Dampen a cloth with some vinegar, give the containers a wipe, and your problem can be solved.


7. Clean your Toilet Bowl

Besides using commercial toilet cleaners, you can also use white vinegar to do the job. Simply pour a cup of white vinegar into the toilet bowl, and wait for one to two hours before scrubbing it with a toilet brush. You can also spray some vinegar on the rim of the toilet seat and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it.


Warning: Handle vinegar with care as it may cause irritation when in contact with eyes. If it happens, immediately flush your eyes with water for five to 10 minutes, and consult a doctor if irritation persists.


If you have other uses of vinegar, do email them to us at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg. We might just share your contributions on ourFacebook page!


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