Mini Pallet Coaster

By : LF Shen
11 May 2017

I first chanced upon these adorable coasters on the Internet, but I was hesitant to try it out because they required wood pallets, which could only be bought at specific craft shops. That aside, you need sharp tools to saw them. That left me wondering how I could replicate this using simpler materials. Ice cream sticks popped into mind, something we are all so familiar with! 😊

These mini pallet coasters are budget-friendly and the best thing is, they do not require special tools. Simple and quick to do, they are perfect for a DIY weekend session.

Things you need (all of them can be found in book stores/ stationery shops):

• Ice cream sticks (I used 24 sticks to build 1 coaster)
• Hot glue or bond glue
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Binder clips/ pegs

Step 1

We will build a 9 by 9 cm coaster. First, we will need to measure the sticks and cut away the excess.


Tip: If you have some sandpaper or a nail filer, you can file the edges so that they have a smoother look! Alternatively, you can just snip off the sharp edges using a scissors.

Step 2

Glue 4 sticks together. Make 3 sets of these and they will be the pillars of the coaster.

Use the binder clips to hold them in place.

Step 3

Space out the 3 pillars using one ice cream stick as a guide. Once you are satisfied with the spacing, stick some glue on the single ice cream stick and stick on top of the pillars at the bottom edge.

Step 4

Stick another ice cream stick at the top edge of the pillars.

Step 5

Continue to fill up the space in the middle using 4 more sticks. Space them out as equally as you can. Hold the sticks down using binder clips for at least 10 minutes.

There you have it! A mini pallet coaster! The next step is totally optional, but I like to stick both sides so that the coaster reversible.

Optional: Repeat step 3 and 5 to build the reverse side.

These coasters are absolutely lovely and adds an organic touch to any coffee table. Do not be surprised if you have friends asking you where to buy them!

I came across some crafters who dipped the sticks in wood stains to give it a darker rustic look. There are some who used washi tape to decorate as well, and they look equally interesting. If you are into tape decoration, you may want to check out this popular washi tape article as well. 😊

If you try this DIY, do share your creation with us by tagging #MyNiceHome on Instagram. If you have other crafty suggestions, let us know via or via our Facebook page.





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